New Feature: NOW WRECKING!


Apologies for not posting updates for a while. We were just busy building up our new page for vehicle we are dismantling. Instead of just posting the photos of vehicles, you can now see the details of the car including the VINSpeedo Reading, etc and more importantly the parts available from that car. We are also sometimes adding the video of parts like engine, sat nav, power winch, etc to show that they working before dismantling. From the sidebar you can now easily search for  the Make and Model and even filter your search for the Year, Body Type and Body Color.

As of writing we do have 400+ vehicles listed and still counting. You can check them all out by clicking on NOW WRECKING in the main menu above.

If you don’t see the part from the vehicle you found, shoot us a message via Chat or Contact page and we’ll see if have one in stock available for you.